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Activist Newsletter 12. issue

2010.06.11. 14:53 | zsofi85 | Szólj hozzá!

                                            Activist newsletter
                                        12. issue – June 11. 2010.
Dear Readers!
A lot of exciting changes took place in the last two weeks. We held the press conference for the Annual
Report and Orsi had several media appearances in connection with the Report. In the meantime, our two
interns (Flóra and Zsombor) trtraineeships has expired, but Zsombor continues to work as a volunteer in
the office until the end of July.
Extraordinary General Meeting
We held our Extraordinary General Meeting on May 30, Sunday, during which AIHU's new Board and
Supervisory Body was elected.
New trainee positions:
Volunteer campaign coordinator assistant trainee: We have extended the application date for the trainee
position. We are accepting applications until June 17. Please send Your Hungarian and English CV, and
cover letter to
Further information:
Volunteer in-office translator trainee:
On May 10. our in-office translator's internship has expired, but he will continue to work in the same
position as a volunteer until the end of July. We are looking for a volunteer in-office translator with a high
level of English. Please send Your Hungarian and English CV, and cover letter to
Further information:
LGBT campaign
Anti-discrimination Directive:
This campaign was closed on July 3. Amnesty International collected altogether 50.000 signatures.180
signatures and 150 e-mails were collected from Hungary. We would like to thank everyone, who signed
the petition, thereby helping the adoption of the Directive.
Európa Kiadó May 28-29-30.:
AIHU participated mostly on the first two days of this event with a human rights gallery and the petition
for the Anti-discrimination directive. 8 activists and the office staff and interns helped our work during
these two days. We collected 180 signatures for the Anti-discrimination Directive and we now have 4 new
activists. These two days were spent with a lot of work, but in a good mood. We would like to thank
everyone, who helped us!
Activist training:
On May 22, Dorisz Takács held an activist training in AI Hungary's office. During the training, the
participants learned about human rights, the history, operations and structure of AI, and prepared for the
Europa Kiadó weekend. We would like to hold trainings at regular intervals.
New activists:
During the last two weeks, we had 8 new activists joining Amnesty International. Welcome to the team!
Football World Cup:
Amnesty International is starting a letter writing marathon titled “Stand Up United,” in time for the World
Cup. We are looking to get signatures for 11 human rights defender's petitions, who are persecuted in
their own country for the work they do. AIHU, together with Foci Mozi, will be campaigning on Szabadság
square during the world cup, where those interested can sign the petitions and try our human rights
button soccer.
We are looking for activists for this event. Please apply at!
We registered with two round table discussions at the Civil Stage; “Lawless!”, and “Gay rights, visibility,
Prides”. Our application will be evaluated within the next two weeks. Hopefully we will not only have a
stand on Sziget, but we will be able to hold our discussions too.
We will soon know, how many free passes we can supply for our activists.
Activist meet-up:
We have an activist meet-up every Friday from 6 PM at Gödör, to discuss current events, programmes, to
talk about human rights issues, about Amnesty and to get to know each other. You too are welcome!


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